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Urge Seattle to provide full funding for police accountability
Fully fund police accountability

Police accountability improves relations between communities and law enforcement, and this in turn enhances public safety and saves lives. The Mayor’s proposed budget would underfund police accountability efforts and give more of those resources to the Office of the Inspector General than to the Community Police Commission. Staffing analysis recommends that both have an equal number of personnel for accountability efforts to be effective. Don’t let the budget stifle the voice of the community in the police accountability process. Urge Seattle City Council to fund effective police accountability.

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Please adequately fund the Community Police Commission
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As an advocate for strong community oversight of policing in this city, I urge you to approve a budget that will sufficiently staff the Community Police Commission (CPC) so that it can fulfill its new legislative mandate. The need for the CPC to engage meaningfully with police accountability is now more important than ever. Interim Mayor Tim Burgess' proposed 2018 city budget does not provide sufficient financial support for the CPC so as to fully staff it.
The CPC is the community voice in the new process for police accountability. A staffing analysis indicated that the CPC and Office of the Inspector General (OIG) will each need 10 full-time employees to accomplish their assigned duties under the new legislation. The Mayor's proposed budget provides the OIG with 8 employees and the CPC with 6. We ask that Council fully staff both offices in its budget. Because these are meant to be co-equal parts of the police oversight structure, the CPC shouldn't receive fewer staff than the OIG, especially since the staffing needs are similar. The community shouldn't be short-changed in its ability to give voice to its concerns.
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We do thank the Interim Mayor for funding 3 civilian complaint navigators in the Office of Police Accountability. That is a step in the right direction. If the City is serious about genuine accountability and reform, you must commit the requisite dollars to make the CPC effective.
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